Donovan Barnett
Character Info
Name Donovan Barnett
Gender Male
Family TBA
Relationships Molly Anderson (Girlfriend)
First Episode Everybody Talks
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Tyler Posey

Donovan Barnett is a senior (Grade 12) at Orlando High School. He is moody, kind, sensitive, intelligent, dark, deep, and tempermental. Like Molly he was outed and disliked by the popular crowd and called "emo". He always found a way to get back at them. He had major rivalries with the students of his class but recently made his peace with some of them at the end of junior year, especially Frankie and Randi. He is currently in a relationship with Molly Anderson. He is best friends with May Scott and Travis Moore. He is also good friends with Trevor ArmstrongAlberta Arquette, Delilah Benson, and Pam Jurgins. He became friends with his former rivals, Savannah McCullen,  Randi RhodesFrankie Martin, and Skyler Montgomery. He is enemies with Jacob Morales, JC Chambers, and Jo Ferrin.. He is portrayed by Tyler Posey.


  • Donovan use to like Randi when she was dating Frankie which started the Donovan-Frankie Conflict
  • He was the only junior that wasn't invited to Frankie's Junior Year Kick Off Party
  • He was the only student that pranked the school to get caught.
    • Molly and May owned up to it after feeling bad for Donovan
  • He has the longest time in suspension out of any other character. He is suspended for a month
  • She is one out of six characters to appear on the Season One Cover. The other five being Frankie, Randi, Seth, Kayla, and Molly
    • Whether it was a coincidence or not, the six character happen to appear in the top three most fan-favorite couples in Season One (Frandi, Sayla, and Dolly)
  • He lost his virginity to Molly.
  • He became Prom King of 2013.