Jayden Pattersen
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Character Info
Name Jayden Pattersen
Gender Male
Family Sienna Patterson (Twin sister)
Relationships Savannah McCullen (Fake Relationship)
First Episode Hey There Delilah (2)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Tyler James Williams

Jayden Patterson is a junior (Grade 11). He's may not be a fan of sports but Jayden is so interested in music and wants to become a rapper when he gets older. He is smart, funny, supportive and at times cocky. Jayden can build his confidence with or without the help of his friends. He recenetly discovered that he has a twin sister named, Sienna. He was best friends with Seth Evans, before his departure. He is good friends with Nathaniel MeyersQuinn Rodriguez, Kayla Palmero, Ramona PetersonDelilah Benson, Paris Williams. He is enemies with Shanleigh Clark and Darnell Clark. He is portrayed by Tyler James Williams.


  • He prefers music way over sports.
  • He use to have a crush on Ramona.
  • Jayden now has Seth's car as a gift for being his best friend.
  • He faked a relationship with Savannah McCullen.