Jo Ferrin
Character Info
Name Jo Ferrin
Gender Female
Family N/A
Relationships Nathaniel Meyers (Hookup)
First Episode We Are Young (1)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Taylor Mosmen
Jordyn "Jo" Ferrin is a recurring character in Orlando: City The Beautiful. She is currently a senior (Grade 12). She appears to be very homophobic and mean to any LGBT. She is one of the most hated girls at school. Since her expulsion from the previos season, she is attemps to turn over a new leaf but still hold grudges. She is friends with Jacob Morales, JC Chambers, Frankie Martin, Savannah McCullen, Skyler Montgomery and she is enemies with Molly Anderson, Delilah Benson and Alberta Arquette. She is portrayed by Taylor Momsen.


  • She is the first character to smoke. She stopped smoking into her senior year.
  • For her senior year, she is repeating one Grade 11 class.
  • She is homophobic and transphobic.