Kaitlin Janes
Character Info
Name Kaitlin Janes
Gender Female
Family TBA
Relationships TBA
First Episode The Show Goes On (2)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Elle Fanning
Kaitlin Janes is a new freshman (Grade 9) at Orlando High School. Kaitlin is a sweetheart. She loves music and she writes alot of songs. She also loves to write. Kaitlin loves to make friends which somewhat caused her to have a trusting problem but she is known for being the sweetest girl ever. Her mother is a hardworking business woman and her father left when she was a toddler and hopes to see him again. She is best friends with Cassie Stark. She is good friends with Shawn CookeBrittney Liam and complicated with Joe Walls. She is enemies with Brittany King. She is She is portrayed by Elle Fanning.