Kayla Palmero
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Character Info
Name Kayla Palmero
Gender Female
Family Mrs. Palmero (Mother)

Alicia Palmero (Daughter)

Relationships Seth Evans (Ex-Boyfriend)
Jamie Huntzberry (Ex-Boyfriend)
Dallas Dempsey (Boyfriend)
First Episode Hey There Delilah (1)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Elizabeth Gillies
Kayla Palmero is a junior (Grade 11) at Orlando High School. Her mother got pregnant with her at 17 and when she was younger her dad had left her. She use to live in Dallas, Texas, but they decided to move to Orlando. She is generally snarky and sarcastic, but is very kind, caring, intelligent and a good friend to others. She is also very talented in music. She became pregnant and has decided to raise the baby herself with the help of her boyfriend and mother. She gave birth to her daughter, Alicia. She is best friends with Ramona Peterson, and good friends with Delilah Benson, Nathaniel Meyers, Jayden PattersonQuinn Rodriguez, and Paris Williams. She is enemies with Shanleigh Clark and Darnell Clark. She is in a relationship with Dallas Dempsey. She is portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies.


  • She is the first character that move to Orlando
  • She is the first character to have a pregnancy plot
  • Her mom is 32 years old as confirmed in There Goes My Life
  • She is one out of six characters to appear on the Season One Cover. The other five being Frankie, Randi, Seth, Donovan, and Molly
    • Whether it was a coincidence or not, the six character happen to appear in the top three most fan-favorite couples in Season One (Frandi, Sayla, and Dolly)