Latisha Montgomery
Character Info
Name Latisha Montgomery
Gender Female
Family Skyler Montgomery (Sister)
Relationships N/A
First Episode We Are Young (1)
Last Episode The Show Goes On (1)
Portrayed By Dee Dee Davis

Latisha Montgomery is a character in Orlando: The City Beautiful. She is currently a sophomore and the younger sister of Skyler Montgomery. She is portrayed by Dee Dee Davis.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

In We Are Young (1) she is seen with Chloe, Rebecca, and Samantha signing up for the cheer team. As they sign up, they realize that they are the only freshmen trying out. As Randi starts the cheer try outs, Savannah tells her that four freshmen tried out for the team. Randi tells Savannah she knows what to do, and as a result, the four freshmen get kicked out of the tryouts. She's happy that she got kicked out because she didn't want to do cheer anyways, and that her older sister forced her into it. Chloe and Rebecca get upset, and are determined to get on the team, while Samantha gives up since they won't let freshmen on the team. She leaves with Samantha, while Chloe and Rebecca stay and come up with a plan.

In We Are Young (2) she is seen with Samantha making fun of Rebecca inside the mascot uniform.

In Family Portrait (1) she is with Samantha and backing her up when she is yelling at Cassie. When Cassie calls Samantha a slut, she tells Samantha that she shouldn't let Cassie call her that, but Cassie tells her that she shouldn't let Samantha boss her around, but she does it to her anyways. The two girls walk off, telling Cassie they'll get back at her next time. Later, when Samantha tells Cassie she doesn't control people, she walks over to Samantha carrying all of her stuff. When Chloe starts making fun of them, she tells Samantha again that they shouldn't let them do this to them. Rebecca tells her that Samantha doesn't see her as a friend, and she only sees her as an assistant. Latisha defends herself infront of Rebecca, but Chloe tells her it's sad how she acts like this only to get on Samantha's good side. She walks away from Cassie, Chloe, and Rebecca with Samantha.

In Family Portrait (2) she is complaining to Samantha about carrying all of her stuff all the time. Samantha tells her that doing so will make her more popular, and that's when Latisha realizes that Cassie was right about her all along. Later, Cassie tells Samantha that she only did this so she can become popular. She hears this and starts siding with Samantha again. She tells Cassie to think twice next time before trying to ruin their friendship.