Liam Hudson
Grey cooll
Character Info
Name Liam Hudson
Gender Male
Family Blake Hudson (Brother)
Rebecca Hudson (Twin-Sister)
Relationships Rebecca Hudson (Ex-Girlfriend)

Cassie Stark (Girlfriend)

First Episode We Are Young (1)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Greyson Chance
Liam Hudson is a sophomore (Grade 10) at Orlando High School. Liam unlike his sister Rebecca does not have a very strong personality, but will do a few things to be more known. He is shy and is afraid to talk to girls, but also worries that his fear ruin his chances with one. He recently started dating Cassie Stark to help his fear go completely away, especially with the side help from Damon and Daniel. His family is not from Orlando, but go to school their since his older brother, Blake Hudson, is the gym teacher. He is best friends with Dallas Dempsey and  Daniel Smith, and friends with Damon Wells, Shawn CookeRebecca Hudson, and Chloe Valentine.He is in a relationship with Cassie Stark.  He is portrayed by Greyson Chance.


  • He was once nervous to talk to girls, but overcame his fear with the help from Damon and Daniel
  • First male character to date a relative