Maive Peterson
Character Info
Name Maive Peterson
Gender Female
Family Ramona Peterson (Sister)
Relationships N/A
First Episode Dirty Little Secret (1)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Alice Greczyn
Maive Petersen is a recurring character in Orlando: The City Beautiful. She is a graduate. She is the older sister of Ramona Peterson. She is portrayed by Alice Greczen

Character HistoryEdit

In Dirty Little Secret (1) she wakes up Ramona at 5:30 to make her breakfast. After a little bit of bickering, Ramona does as she wishes. Later, she asks Ramona to make her dinner. When Ramona stands up for herself, she slaps Ramona. Ramona falls into a small table. When Maive tries to hit her again, Ramona blocks herself with the table and escapes to her room

In Dirty Little Secret (2) she tells Ramona to come downstairs so they can leave, but Ramona tells her she's going to take the bus. When the Petersen's have a family dinner, Ramona tells her parents about how she is hitting her. She tries to defend herself, and her parents believe her more then Ramona, since she put make-up on it to make it look darker. Later, she starts abusing Ramona again cause she tried to tell her parents. She tells Ramona if she tells anyone else, her life will become hell.

In How To Save A Life (1) she is seen asking Ramona where she's going, since there are a lot of things that Ramona still has to do for her. When she finds out Ramona is going to Kayla's, she starts arguing with her. The srgument starts getting worse to the point where she is abusing Ramona again. Ramona escapes Maive and runs out of the house.

In How To Save A Life (2) she is sitting on a bench when Kayla walks over to her. Kayla asks her to stop abusing Ramona, but she acts like she doesn't know what Kayla is saying. Kayla tells her she knows whats going on, and that Ramona told her everything. She still acts like she doesn't know whats going on, but tells Kayla if she's looking for a fight she has one. Later when Ramona grabs her things to move into Kayla's house, Maive starts hitting her again. She's angry at Ramona for telling Kayla about the abuse, and starts making her life hell until Kayla walks in. Kayla pushes her off of Ramona, and tells her to stop it. She gets even more mad because Kayla's here. Kayla tells her that Ramona's moving in with her, cause Ramona doesn't need the abuse here at home. Kayla and Ramona leave the house, while Maive storms off upstairs.


  • She abused her younger sister because Ramona was more achievable then her and she took out so much anger.
  • She is the only senior of season 1.
  • She barely made it past Grade 12.
  • She caused Ramona to go through PTSD.