Quinn Rodreguez
Character Info
Name Quinn Rodreguez
Gender Female
Family TBA
Relationships Nathaniel Meyers (Ex-Boyfriend)
First Episode Everybody Talks
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Victoria Justice

Quinn Rodriguez is a junior (Grade 11). She is cute, kind, supportive friendly, pure-hearted, caring, care-free, confident and intelligent but is quite secretive from time to time. She may be secretive but is not afraid to say whatever is on her mind. She is an actress, and loves to perfom on the stage. She is best friends with Ramona Peterson, and good friends with Jayden Patterson, Delilah Benson, Seth Evans, Paris Williams and Kayla Palmero. She remains friends with Nathaniel Meyers after their breakup. She is portrayed by Victoria Justice.


  • She is the first recurring character to start a relationship in the series.
  • She isn't liked very much by Kayla.
  • She stated that she had a crush on Seth.