Ramona Petersen
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Character Info
Name Ramona Petersen
Gender Female
Family Mr. Petersen (Father)
Mrs. Petersen (Mother)
Maive Peterson (Sister)
Relationships TBA
First Episode Everybody Talks
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Demi Lovato

Ramona Petersen is a junior (Grade 11) at Orlando High School. She is musically talented, and has a powerful singing voice. Even though she has the talent, she lacks support at home. She is supportive of her friends cause she never gets support at home and feels they need it. She use to be abused by her older sister until Kayla found out and let her move into her place. Due to Kayla's pregnancy, Ramona had to leave and moved into a hotel with Travis. She made up with her sister and has finally moved back home. She is bestfriends with Kayla Palmero, and friends with Delilah Benson, Seth Evans, Nathaniel Meyers, Quinn Rodriguez, Travis Moore, Jayden Patterson, Paris Williams and Trevor Armstrong. She is enemies with Shanleigh Clark and Darnell Clark and now has a conflict with Dallas Dempsey. She is portrayed by Demi Lovato.


  • She is the first to know about a lot of things such as
  • She is the first friend that Kayla Palmero made when she arrived to Orlando
  • She is the first character to get abused by a family member.
  • She is the second chatacter to move in with another main character, the first being May.
  • She is the first character to have gone through PTSD.