A timeline of events that took place in the Orlando TCB universe.



  • Molly and Randi become friends, only for it to end over Frankie
  • Ramona develops feelings for Trevor, only to find out he is gay
  • Damon auditions for a movie, but doesn't make it for being fat
  • Frankie throws his Junior Year Kick Off Party
  • The juniors vandalize the school, and leave Donovan for the blame
  • Trevor loses his virginity to Frankie at his party, and later develops feelings for him
  • Rebecca and Chloe try out for the cheer team, and are the first and only freshmen to be on the team
  • Rebecca gets kicked off the team for being late to practice, and becomes the school mascot
  • May and Molly get suspended for 2 weeks due to the involvement of the vandalism
  • Frankie gets suspended for 2 weeks due to the fight with Donovan
  • Donovan gets suspended for a month for fighting with Frankie and the vandalism
  • Trevor tells Frankie he likes him, only to find out he doesn't like Trevor like that
  • Rebecca gets back on the cheer team, since Daniel becomes the new school mascot
  • Delilah gets kicked out of the Jesus Club for being a lesbian, and loses all of her religious friends
  • Kayla is a new student at Orlando
  • Kayla and Jamie break up
  • Liam finds out that Daniel lives with his aunt and uncle since his parents were framed for murder



  • Ramona tries to tell her parents about Maive abusing her, but they don't believe her
  • Maive abuses Ramona again since she almost got caught
  • Nathaniel realizes he is a bisexual, and lies to Trevor about breaking up with Quinn
  • With help from Daniel and Damon, Liam gets over his fear
  • Seth and Kayla make plans for sex at Frankie's Halloween Party
  • Rebecca wants to lose her virginity in order to impress the older cheerleaders
  • Rebecca buys a lingerie for Frankie's Halloween Party
  • Donovan is out of suspension, and finds a way to get revenge on Frankie
  • Seth and Kayla celebrate their one month annivarsary with sex
  • Rebecca decides not to have sex, and sells her lingerie to Kayla
  • Donovan calls the cops about Frankie's party. Everyone attending got a warning from the police
  • Molly gets to write the school play
  • Molly starts cutting herself, since she can't deal with the bullying anymore
  • Molly and Jacob start dating
  • Daniel parents are released from prison, only to find out his parents actually murdered someone, and lied to him about being framed
  • Frankie and Randi both admit that they still have feelings for eachother


  • Molly and Jacob break up because Jacob laughed along when his friends made fun of her instead of defending her. She continues cutting herself
  • Daniel cuts his parents out of his life, and continues living with his Aunt and Uncle
  • Frankie and Randi start off their second relationship
  • Damon develops feelings for Trevor, and fights with Nathaniel over him
  • Rebecca finds out from Cassie's parents that Cassie is dyslexic
  • May and Randi's friendship ended because Randi missed the old May
  • Nathaniel and Trevor start off their first relationship
  • Damon develops an eating disorder
  • Cassie and Rebecca get along after arguing about Cassie's secret
  • May moves out of Randi's house and moves in with Molly
  • May and Randi get into a fight, getting May suspended again
  • Savannah back-stabs Randi at the cheer party, getting her kicked off the cheer team
  • Randi and Savannah's friendship ends since Savannah back stabbed her
  • Damon develops bulimia
  • Trevor finds out about Damon's bulimia
  • Ramona is still getting abused at home
  • Kayla finds out about Ramona's abuse




  • Travis enrolls to Orlando High.
  • Damon skips group therapy to audition for the play.
  • Kayla tells Seth that she is pregnant for three months.
  • Kayla and Seth kick Ramona out due to making her room the baby's room.
  • May spends a night in jail for under-aged drinking
  • Daniel robs an iPhone 5 in an apple store so he can impress his friends that he is rich
  • Ramona moves in with Nathaniel, but decided to leave when she finds out his father is perverted.
  • Ramona moves in with Travis at the Crown Plaza.


  • Donovan and Molly begin a relationship.
  • Jo comes back from suspension
  • Trevor finds out that Nathaniel is cheating on him and Quinn.
  • Trevor and Nathaniel break up.
  • Jacob tries to win back Molly but fails.
  • Alberta stand up to Jo and earns Delilah's trust back.
  • Randi learns the truth behind Molly and Frankie real conversation.
  • Liam and Rebecca get caught making out by Blake.
  • Liam and Rebecca fake a break up.
  • Jamie returns to win back Kayla.


  • Cassie's grades begin to drop.
  • Cassie goes to Samantha for help.
  • Ramona and Miave get into a fight.
  • Trevor wins Damon's heart.
  • Daniel gambles with Italian gangsters.
  • Daniel shoots one of the thugs.
  • Savannah expresses her feelings for Blake.
  • May attemps suicide over the death of her parents.