Travis Moore
Character Info
Name Travis Moore
Gender Male
Family Janet Moore (Mother)

Mr. Moore (Father)

Xandi Jonson (Cousin)

Relationships France Martin (Girlfriend)
First Episode With Arms Wide Open (1)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Asher Book

Travis Moore is a senior (Grade 12) at Orlando High School. He is an aspiring actor who also happens to be a girl magnet. His only problem is trying to find the right girl. He also comes off as a pretty boy, as claimed by Frankie but knows when to stop. He had to move to Orlando to live with his father. His father owns the Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal Hotel, and barely has any time to focus on him. He is best friends with May Scott, Donovan Barnett, and Molly Anderson. He is also friends with Ramona Peterson, Frankie Martin, Randi RhodesTrevor Armstrong, and Alberta Arquette. He is now in a relationship with France Martin. He is played by Asher Book.


  • He is an actor and singer
  • Plays Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz
  • His parents were most likely divorced before he transfered to Orlando.
  • His father owns the Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal Hotel.
  • His mother was said to have died before Winter Break 2012, but appears to have been alive and he claims she's dead to him as a personal conflict.